House rules

Welcome in VERMON guest house.
In order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, please make sure to follow following house rules set by the owner of the facility.

House rules:
  1. Guests are to present their national valid ID or passport, or any other valid proof of their identity to the relevant gust house employee upon arrival
  2. Unless agreed otherwise, the guest house is obliged to accommodate guests at 1.00 o’clock p.m. to 6.00 p.m. and it is obliged to reserve the room for the guest until this time.
  3. Unless the booking stipulates otherwise guests are to check out by 10.00 p.m.
  4. Guests are to observe nighttime peace and quiet in the period from 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.,
  5. A guest may not use his or her own electrical appliances, which are not used for the guest’s personal hygiene (electric razors, massage devices, hairdryers, etc) Personal computers are allowed.
  6. Upon departing, guests are obliged to turn off all water faucets, as well as the lights in the room and its facilities, and to shut and lock the door the door as they leave. Room keys are to be handed in to the relevant staff member.
  7. Guests may not smoke, move furnishings, or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the hotel rooms or on the premises of the guest house
  8. For security reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children without adult supervision in the hotel room or other areas on the hotel premises. Parents bear full liability for their children.
  9. Guests are obliged to pay for any damage they cause, if they are unable to prove that they are not responsible for this damage. All damages to the property are to be reported to the guest house employees
  10. Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these House Rules. In the event that a guest is in breach of these rules, the guest house has the right to repudiate the agreement on the provision of accommodation services before the agreed period has elapsed.
  11. important tel. Numbers Fire Brigade 150, Police 158, Ambulance 155

We believe that you will enjoy your stay and will keep coming back in the future.

On behalf of guest house staff
Monika a Miloš Hradilákovi

Buffet breakfast is served daily from 7.30 to 9.00 o’clock on the guest house premises.